This second process began June 4, 2002 and the tumor was expelled July 11th (5 weeks). As you can see from the picture, the size of the mass was considerably larger. This intensely magnified everything I experienced during the first procedure. The pain was excruciating requiring me to stay bedridden for 3 1/2 weeks.


The tumor has been expelled. The gray discoloration is an application of peroxide immediately applied after the tumor was detached. This may look like an open wound but is actually new, healthy tissue that has been growing simultaneously as the tumor was being expelled.


It’s about 5″ long and 5/8″ at it’s thickest point.


The front of the mass.


The back of the mass.

I visited my oncologist (one of my western medicine angels) August 24th and it was mutually decided to wait until the area was completely healed before another biopsy was performed. My appointment was scheduled for November 26, 2002. I went in and after examining me he exclaimed, “Ginny, I can’t help but believe that you’ve hit a home run here. I am optimistic about your upcoming biopsy.” On December 5th, I had an appointment with my general surgeon (another western medicine angel). It was obvious to me that she was surprised at what she saw. After the examination, she removed the tissue to be biopsied. She also stated how she was anxious for the biopsy results…