Day 2 & 3 – Discomfort but no pain as the eschar starts to show.


Day 5 – Experiencing strange body sensations (hot/cold flashes). Area feels hot and inflamed.


Day 12 – More of the eschar has pushed through the skin. Started prescription drugs for intense pain management. Started a low-grade fever.


Day 13 – The white halo indicates the tumor cells are starting to die. Stopped blood root and started using Vaseline as the tumor starts to detach from the body.


Day 15 – The olive color turning to black indicates the tumor cells are continuing to die.


Day 23 – The tumor begins to detach from the body. It’s important to let it detach naturally as any cancer tentacles may remain in the body requiring another treatment.


Day 25 – The tumor has completely detached.


The detached tumor.


The underside of the tumor.

Unfortunately, an ultrasound and biopsy still showed a mass. After completely healing from the first process, I began a second blood root process in June 2002. It took five weeks to expel a mass 3 times the size of the first one. It was also more painful. You can see the end result of this process here.