GinnyIn September 2000, I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. One physician prescribed a mastectomy and another a lumpectomy. The first physician had me schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon before I left her office. I felt as though I was on an assembly line in a factory. The second physician was much kinder but was reluctantly supportive of my interest in alternative medicine. She did, however, confess that her way of dealing with cancer was removal by surgery. She further told me that she didn’t consider any cancer an emergency. Needless to say this was music to my ears. My journey as a warrior began. The combination of my tools of empowerment began to manifest. I started researching nutritional information and changed an already vegetarian diet to foods that specifically battle cancer cells. I started taking vitamin supplements especially green foods and most especially wheat grass (see the Ann Wigmore Foundation website). I turned to my spiritual side, meditation, yoga exercises and maintained my regimen of physical exercise. My routine also included coffee enemas, colonic cleansing and fasting. I worked on managing my stress level and practiced new and calmer approaches to my daily life. I chose to include a select group of people in my journey in order not to create a situation of “drama”. This particular choice proved to be an invaluable asset. It provided me the privacy to maintain my focus and concentration. It has only been during the last six months up until now that I began sharing my story in a still protected, but more public fashion. After five months of the above program, I felt the need for a change. Hence an angel entered my life, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine practicing Tao Medicine. We worked spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically. After ten months of intense healing, I was released from his care. It was determined that the cancer was under control and my immune system would be able to fight the rest of it off. Since I could still feel the lump, I decided I wanted to have it removed.

Having the lump removed required surgery, so I reluctantly scheduled an appointment with a surgeon. Two days prior to my appointment, another angel appeared and introduced me to a medicinal plant by the name of “blood root”. It is an ancient medicine used by the Native Americans. I was given the name and number of a woman in Florida who was at the end of the blood root process. Based on her story, my conversations with Dan Raber (another angel) and his non-surgical cancer removal website, my spirits rose and I decided to try the blood root process. Let it be known that this process is not for the faint of heart. It is a very aggressive, “no-turning-back” process requiring a strong support system and major pain management. In fact, it is a process that might have to be repeated up to three times in some cases. This is where I chose to include complimentary medicine. I have been honored to have the support of two western medical people, a doctor of oncology and a top-notch nurse practitioner. The first application of blood root began February 22, 2002, and took about four weeks to expel the tumor. You can see pictures of it here.