Ginny Stewart

I consider myself fortunate in being able to share my incredible experience. I hope that my journey can inspire others to seek alternative healing methods, and realize the benefits of becoming aware of our ability to experience conscious choice and informed decision making. This experience brought my consciousness to new levels. My sensitivity and intuition grew sharper with each lesson. I could see and feel the interconnectivity of all things.

By developing my concentration to achieve a balance of all things, I began to realize the arsenal of tools I had accumulated. This, plus my new personal beliefs, became my practice of choice; a choice I will keep for the rest of my life. A great sense of empowerment and newfound strength emerged. This experience gave me the chance to utilize my entire tapestry of information, knowledge and teachings, not just for my healing needs, but also for a lifestyle change beyond my imagination. I began to feel as though part of my search for my life purpose had been found. With this foundation I gained the courage to depart from western medicine, which afforded me the time to research and explore alternative healing methods.